#snapshot at the Triennial of Photography Hamburg 19.6.-28.6.2015, Oberhafen - hall 3, Stockmeyerstr. 41, 20457 Hamburg

The internet has revolutionized photography. Never before have we produced such a volume of photographs. And never before have our photographs had such a potentially vast audience. Immediately. Social media is filled with selfies and pictures of food, but a single snapshot can also have a bigger impact on world politics than ever before. In this day and age, sharing photographs is as important as taking them.

At the Triennial of Photography, #snapshot presents Homo Photographicus and updates the concept of the snapshot. It takes a look at the various facets of today’s culture of photography - including the not-so-pleasant ones. In addition to photographs taken by ordinary people and image feeds from social media, the exhibition presents works that comment on the theme from contemporary artists Erik Kessels (Holland), Niklas Kullström (Finland), Sisse Stroyer (Denmark) and Catherine Ballet (France).

The exhibition is produced by The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki and curated by its chief curator Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger in collaboration with Risto Sarvas (Futurice) and Asko Lehmuskallio (University of Tampere, The School of Communication, Media and Theatre).